Google Me Counter To Facebook and the end of Orkut

Rumors is doing the round in internet that, Google was working on a new social network called ‘Google Me’ to deal with Facebook.

The story began at the weekend when the founder of Digg, Kevin Rose, says search giant would be working on a new project called Google Me The message was erased as a result. According to Rose, its source would be "very reliable".

But Google, as usual, denied."We do not comment on rumors or speculation”.

The former chief technology officer and founder of the Facebook site Quora, Adam Angelo, said Google Me is more than just a rumor. "This is a real project”.

Google was already failed to build its social network via Google Buzz. Furthermore, the exponential growth of Facebook would also be a threat to Google.

Angelo also said that Google would have me in their social network format inspired by Mark Zuckerberg. If the project goes ahead, it would be the main Google's social network, with orkut, Buzz and Wave going to stop in the background.

Again, Google bet on its broad base of users registered to topple the project. However, even this basic assurance that the Wave Buzz became famous among the users.


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