Can iPad replace your office computer?

As compared to a PC, the iPad has almost every feature that is used for the day to day work. Now the biggest question arises that could an apple iPad completely replace an office computer? The answer is critical though. The iPad might have many features to replace the PC but it could also have some shortcomings as compared to a PC. Office computers can be used for various purposes such as development, testing, writing, designing etc. Some of the common functions executed by an office laptop and the iPad are listed below:iPad vs Computer

Web Surfing


Office Productivity

Manage Contacts

Back Up to Cloud

VPN to Company Network

Online Meetings / Video Conference


Social Networking


Printing / Scanning


If the above features and usability are taken into account, one can say that the iPad is capable of replacing the office computer without any hesitation. But it is not the complete image of comparison. If the comparison is being done, one should consider each and every feature of both the devices and for all user perspective. Then one can conclude the results.

The face off

There are many people in different professions to use the computer in their offices to carry out their works. If a writer is considered, he cannot depend completely on the iPad to write the documents as he would need to research and convert it into documentation simultaneously.

The virtual keyboard also creates some problems for the typing speed and accuracy as compared to the PC’s physical keyboard. The physical keyboard provides a swift hand movement over the keyboard to type quickly and correctly.

An efficient multitasking requires a larger display to work with. But an iPod does not have such a larger display that multitasking can be done effortlessly and effectively in it.

A real browser is an important functionality of an office computer which cannot be provided by an iPad. The real browser helps to work with the PC world content management system.

The iPad can never replace the PC if software development, photo editing, graphic designing, gaming is taken to consideration.

But the iPad is easy to use and mobility is the biggest advantage of the iPad.

Apple iPad offers the basic HTML editors not the rich text editors provided by a PC. So, it becomes tough for the users to format their text as per their wish.

The iPad also lacks the flash support in it which is a huge problem for the users who work on flash supported files frequently.

It is a hell of task to upload images while blogging in an iPad. It consumes a lot of time to upload images and to publish the text that passes many levels to be published.

Even for note taking purpose apps need to be installed in it. It is quite a good task to install an app for every function you want to work with.

The final verdict

Of course, the iPad is a useful product for professionals now, yet it is not fully equipped to replace the office computers or PCs fully as some of the office works cannot be performed by the iPad. It can complement the office computers in an effective way though.

*This post is written by Guest author Alia Haley.

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