How does the new iPad differ from the old?

How does the new iPad differ from the old? [how differ from previous, current goods and current Bad, Recommendation]

Only a few years ago, there were no such thing as iPads to talk about, yet by mid-2012 we're already abuzz about the new iPad 3. Although computing tablets were on the map in the mid-90s, it took the marketing genius of Apple and the late Steve Jobs to successfully brand them as essential devices for the masses. Promotions for the upgrade boast about it hosting a better camera and better display, along with a new quad core processor. But if you already own one of the previous versions of iPad, why would you invest in the newest version?

iPadFirst of all, the new iPad 3 is specifically promoted as an improvement over iPad 2, both visually and functionally. Aside from the new A5X chip installed to render incredible graphics, the oval processing on the device is much more speedy and smooth. Apple made sure that this graphics upgrade put it ahead of the pack in terms of of loading images and video, and preinstalled games. One can play Angry Birds and many other new standards of the mobile device era to one's heart's content. Surprisingly, there is some privately little visual difference between between iPad 2 and 3 while the units are both off - it's when you turn on the latter tablet PC that you see the power.

Video display is one of the biggest standouts on the iPad 3, given the fact that the built-in camera is capable of recording HD video in full 1080 P. This is spectacular output to expect from a tiny unit, if the compact handheld delivers.  The new iPad has Quad-Core Graphics from nVidia (Targa 3) that provides HD Display and higher resolution. The new iPad also has some new software tweaks including retina display voice-command, and couple other things.

The improvements to the new iPad are smartly applied, in other words, and applied within almost count toward improving the mobile computing experience. The screen on the tablet (2048-by-1536 at 264 pixels per inch) comes with four times as many pixels than the iPad 2, which was already an advanced, high definition resolution device. This higher level of clarity, called the retina display, has the effect of making everything look extremely detailed and gorgeous. Additional functions such as 5 MP iSight camera photography and recording videos make this one of the finest handhelds for creating and displaying spectacular images.

All this power needs to be controlled, which is why the new iPad has a sleep mode similar to many notebooks in order to conserve energy. When closed, the tablet goes to sleep, when opened, it wakes back up. There is also versatility in the model, in that it can work with AT&T and Verizon wireless across nine different variations of the model, and it offers 4G LTE connectivity. Even the battery is marginally improved as often tested to run 10 1/2 hours with wireless operating, while playing a video at a brightness set at 60%. Now that's a lot of power and durability.

The drawback to all these powerful additions and capabilities is in the heat factor. Some users complained the unit heats up to the point where it becomes uncomfortable to handle after long periods. The new iPad comes with the ability to crop up and kind of handstand arrangement for those desiring that form of hands-free operation. There's also the matter the ongoing competition with Android-based equivalents - depending on the model and unique configuration, some rival tablets are now outdoing Apple in terms of speed and loading time for their handhelds.

Even with both minor issues, the new iPad represents a huge improvement for overall PC tablet technology, and shows Apple is able to continue his path of improvement to match or exceed those of its competitors with future generations of the product. The versatility features abounding in the unit is still a deciding factor in making a purchasing decision about this or other tablets, as the number of apps available for the iPad line far exceeds anything on the Android side of the ledger. Those warning the most out of the most popular brand for handhelds available today, the new iPad 3 delivers just about everything you want.

-By Shailesh Gyawali

Shailesh Gyawali is a blogger, he blogs at Think Digital World.

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  1. Much better display, much better camera and lots more stuffs included the latest iPad. That doesn't mean the iPad 2 was fail. But the new iPad is showing us the best quality. A lot of improvements indeed.