Things to know "Why Mobile Intelligence Tool For Business"

Mobile Business Intelligence is nothing but the distribution of business data to smartphones and tablet
computers which are the latest dominating mobile devices. In order to find out the sales revenue by
products and associated costs and incomes via mobiles, Business intelligence plays the role. Nowadays
business people are roaming around the world and telecommuting jobs are increased a lot. To satisfy all
their needs and get the job done, mobile business intelligence is playing the good role. Let us see it in
detail.mobileMobile BI required all users to be on the same device
In initial days, Blackberry was dominating and hence Business intelligence applications were deployed
in Blackberry. Later iPhone, Android-based devices etc., are all prevailing and in order to make device-
independent web browsers playing the major role in it and thus it has become platform neutral.

A native application is required for each type of mobile device
Different mobile device has several latest updates and versions. Multiple software getting developed to
make platform neutral. But still nowadays down-loadable apps are available and they are accessed via
web browsers easily. Information Builders is the pioneer in the mobile browser to deliver analytics and

Mobile users are always connected
Mobile Intelligence is dominating nowadays and it is reachable even in an island. It is not required for
the business person to carry their laptop instead they can perform all their operation in mobile. Mobile BI
platform is emerging with latest trends to make the business owners united.

Few disadvantages in Mobile intelligence
Deep analysis view or creation is not possible in Mobile. Extra specialized software is required for mobile
browser to provide analytic functionality.

On a desktop browser reports are visually rich with tables, graphics and hence it will be helpful in
business discussions. But in mobile browsers, they look too cramped and hence difficult to view.

As mobile browsers helping for all users as neutral, many sophisticated features are getting introduced
time to time. Few features like the reports can be viewed in customizable ways preferred by the user.

Opera mobile browser is the king in mobile Web technologies. This web browser has additional shortcuts
and tricks making the mobile device to function a lot.

Recent innovations in mobile industry definitely say that mobile devices are greatly helping for the

Information Builders app
Content can be added or removed from mobile favorite folder in the same way as how contents can be
done in favorite’s folder in a Web browser. Hence one can play the same way like favorites folder using
Information Builders app. Moreover they are making platform neutral concept as no need to depend on
any additional software for separate mobile devices.

Business growth will be more only when modern techniques get used in business. Mobile intelligence
is the best intelligence method to improve business. In telecommuting methods, presidents and vice
presidents globally determining their business strengths just by using mobile. Telecommunication has
increased a lot and in business it is touching greater heights.

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