iPhone vs Android: Who is a true legend in telecom market?

Of all the different manufacturers in smartphone world there are two players who seem to dominate the
telecom market- iPhone and Android based phones. These are considered as legends in many ways. To
analyze, who is among the true legends in both of these players is a tough task to accomplish. However, by comparing them in many ways, you could get the answer as to who leads and becomes the legend in the telecom market. So, why not look at the comparison between the two and find the real hero in the telecom world.

The hardware

Hardware is something, which can help you understand the difference between the two thus giving the
right pictures of both the players. The iPhones are only created by Apple and hence the company has
a better control over their hardware and supporting software that works for the device. On the contrary,
Google has given rights to many companies (LG, Samsung, Motorola and HTC) to come up with the
Android phones; hence this OS varies in terms of size, user experience, features and quality. Checking
the hardware of the two, both have pro and cons. Some Android phones are seen freezing up, while the
iPhones too are seen with hardware issues. You could find some people who may want to go with the
wider hardware options available with Android, while the rest of the users may be comfortable with the
simplicity in terms of quality found in iPhone. So it could be called as a tie in terms of hardware and both could be called as true legends in the telecom world.

Operating system compatibility

If you are interested in having a smartphone which comes up with good amount of features and functions found in the OS then iPhones could be the best bet for you. On the contrary, the Android makers are very much slow in terms of coming up with some unique and interesting features. The operating system support for the older phones is much better for the iPhones as compared to the Android phones. For instance the latest iOS 6 is very much compatible over the older phones like iPhone 4, which happens to be two year older smartphone devices. This makes the latest version of iOS 6.1.2 among the most popular OS among the smartphone users as compared to the Android based users. Hence if you are keen to have something good in terms of updates and compatibility of operating system, your most obvious choice would be iPhone. Hence in this respect iPhone is a winner against its rival Android.

The user maintenance

The iPhone could be leading in terms of simplicity and elegance, but talking about the user maintenance
especially in terms of storage and battery, Android seems to be leading in this battle. The Android based phones are very much open to the users for any type of customization, which means they can simply change battery and memory of this particular phone, which is not possible in iPhones. In this respect, the winner is Android against iPhones.

Final word

On comparing the two in various terms, both seems to be leading in one way or the other. However as
far as calling any of them as a true legend it’s the user who will going to decide between the two. Looking both these virtually can make both of them as legends in many respects.

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  1. I think iPhone is the legend here. People wait for days and stand in lines just to get hold of the new iPhone that is slightly different than the previous one. I haven't heard people doing the same for Samsung or for the LG made Google phone.