Which brand is real tycoon in the Smartphone world?

The world of smart phones seems to be expanding with a great pace. You could see a number of players leading the show, which include Samsung, Apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, etc. However, looking at the popularity and a wide range of smart phones are concerned, Samsung seems to be stealing the show. If you look at their success mantra, the supremacy of Samsung in the Smartphone world is simply not accidental. If you check the figures of 2012, the company has been reported with a market share of 30.8, which made Samsung above Apple and Nokia. And as per the Brand Keys 2013 Customer Loyalty Index, Samsung is considered as one of the leading and popular brands in the United States in the domain of smart phones. Now, let’s check how this brand is the real tycoon in the Smartphone world as under:

Samsung’s success mantra
Samsung is known as a master of giving customers for what they always wanted; hence they have so many choices with this brand. With a wide range of Smartphone available, the customers are able to find mobile devices as per their requirements. You could see their smart phones running on different operating systems, which other brands often fail to offer especially Apple that has no choice except iOS. Hence different players in the Smartphone industry seem to have networked with Samsung and hence is able to cater customers a wide range of smart phones, which is certainly not seen with the other brands. Thus these factors simply give a tough fight for the other brands active in the world of smartphones.

Samsung the winner of consumer choice
If you compare Samsung smartphones with equally bigger brands, you have very interesting story for this company. In the United States alone, you could see Samsung offering around 153 different mobile phones. They fall into a wide range of cheap and expensive, small and big, physical QWERTY or flat screen keyboard, 3G and 4G, along with features of NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, Flipped and Rugged phones and GPS. So Samsung has the potential of addressing a wider range of customer requirements. Samsung is the only brand to cater smart phones with so many operating systems including Android, Bada, Windows, and soon you will find the smart phones coming with Tizen. This can possibly eliminate the dependency of Android for Samsung. Experts also feel that someday Samsung would be able to sell mobile phones having the operating systems of BlackBerry and iOS. This makes the Samsung the number one choice for Smartphone users.

The competition
Apart from the diverse kind of Smartphones from Samsung there are many other things, which make this brand a pioneer one in the Smartphone device world. These include the cost, quality, and marketing perception of the product, which makes this brand at the top. If you look at the Galaxy Smartphones from Samsung, the sales of these phones were incredible. As per the reports, Samsung saw a sudden 50% rise of smartphones as compared to the brands like Apple. And the current phone sale from Samsung is estimated around 431 million, which would make the market share up to 68 percent.

Final word
With so many phones, operating systems, features, functions, apps, etc. available over the Samsung Smartphones, the competition for the other brands is always significant. For being the number one choice of customers, Samsung would remain the pioneers in the smart phone world.

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