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Today, when almost all eCommerce websites focus on selling the same kind of apparels and electronics, here is a website that is trying to make a difference. Infistock has an incredible variety of contractor tools like power tools and hand tools for sale and it is trying to attend to a real infrastructural need. The site has free shipping across India in spite of the products being oversize and/or overweight. The aim is to provide an easy access to quality tools for DIY (Do It Yourself) users and professionals in blue-collar work, even in the remotest parts of India.

When asked about the inspiration behind this venture, Rohan Nagarkar, the founder, said, "India has a serious productivity problem with workers performing poorly because of a lack of infrastructure to carry out their assigned tasks. We have taken it up to correct this in our smallest capacity." He further recalls his journey thus, "I was working in a company in the US which was working on a very similar model and then it struck me that it would be ideal to set this model up in India. We had our challenges when it came to adopting a foreign model in the Indian market, which has its unique needs. However, we are convinced that there is a definite market for the products that we are trying to sell. We are maintaining a clear focus of selling B2C. We want to grow in volumes selling to retail clients and not fall prey to the trap of selling B2B and become another local business instead of an entrepreneurship venture."

Co-founders Prakash Rijal and Prabodh Gaikwad have valuable industry experience and standing. When Rohan presented this concept to them, they were excited and offered guidance and help with running the company and raising funds.

In the short period since March, when they started operations, they have already served more than 300 customers in 15 states and located in all corners of India. They are presently hosting more than 10 reputed brands and they wish to take this number to 20. There are plans to add safety equipment and adhesives soon. They are launching retail mini-stores, which will focus on the servicing of power tools and the selling of limited hand tools and power tool accessories. A unique capitalist model with a social cause, we wish the success it rightly deserves.

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