7 best iPhone business apps

The Apple’s iPhone is among the most sophisticated kind of smart phones available for the mobile device users. It has loads of features and applications, which can help you in carrying a number of your personal and professional tasks with ease and great comfort. In today’s cut throat competition in business it is important to stay ahead in which you can use a number tools. These also include your iPhone device, which carries a wide range of business applications that can render you good support in carrying a number of your day to day business things. The best part of this tool is its quite handy, which people often keep in their front pocket. 

You can find more than half a million applications available in the store. Finding a right business application is a daunting experience but don’t worry, the below list will help you out a lot. The below is the list of the top 7 best iPhone business apps, let’s check them out:

This business application can be called as a complete Office suite for iPhone users, which can help in creating and editing different Word and Excel files along with allowing the PowerPoint decks and the number of PDF documents along with working other Office files. The application simply allows you to get up the right speed or carry out a couple of light office task at just one go. This application cost you around 10 dollars and worth putting this much of money considering the features it carries.

If you simply dislike storing a number of receipts and other similar things in your wallet or even in your glove compartment or pockets of your jacket then don’t worry as you have a good application called Expensify. It helps in capturing the pictures of receipts to pull out vital information and create a new cash expense or simply attach the number of receipts over the related credit card purchase. This simply makes it simple to monitor your business expenditures and build up the expense reports, etc.

This is one of the popular business applications for business professionals and owners. It is basically a to-do list application, which takes care of managing different tasks you have for the day. For instance, you make a couple of text notes, create a number of voice recordings and take up pictures with this application that too for free as it’s a free of cost application. Also, in Evernote, you could find a number of utilities, which help in organizing your tasks into convenient types of notebooks. Though the cost of Evernote for the basic version is zero, yet it has a premium edition, which comes up with more number of features.

This application is a great business tool for the iPhone users, which comes up with a number of robust business management functions. Using Peak Meeting HD, you can manage different business meetings, capture and organize a number of ideas posed in these meetings, import a number of details of different events or your schedule, which you can share via the email. In fact, Peak Meeting HD has emerged out as one of key business applications for entrepreneurs to managing different meetings and thus improving up their meeting skills as well. It has a number of useful functions, which help in focusing on certain ideas and plans that come to your business.

This business application simply helps you in connecting and managing your office or home PC from anywhere using your iPhone device. Hence with Jump Desktop you are simply not limited to certain files that are uploaded over Cloud using this application can simply help in getting access to all the programs and files found inside your desktop computer. It has a free version, but it has several limitations, hence upgrading for the paid ones is always a fair deal. It comes at a cost of 14.99 dollars.

This is among the most popular and powerful iPhone business applications used to carry bookkeeping, invoicing and time tracking tasks. With the Easy Book application, you can track all your different business accounts including your bank accounts, earning, sales and a number of your purchase invoices. Also, it is among the vital free banking applications, which helps in tracking financial audit reports, taking care of profit loss statement, balance sheet and even certain VAT return and other monthly budget things.

7) Pulse

Being competitive in your business, you need to keep yourself abreast with the latest happenings and events related to your niche area. Pulse is a free application, which brings in a number of business blogs, journals, newspaper and a number of other news outlets over your iPhone device. Instead of using a number of web browsers to check different sites individually this application makes it simple for you to read as per your interest and taste.

Final word

In order to stay competitive in your business, you need to adopt a number of business tools. The above are some of the business applications meant for iPhone users. Try them out and get an edge in your business.

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  1. Nice collection of apps. I mostly believe in managing expenses and tasks in my mobile and rest all I depends on my laptops because I cannot bare to manage such softwares in small screens. Hence I prefer using the tools which has most of the features. Currently I am using the one task management tools and expense reporting from Replicon

  2. Thank you for these great collection of Apps. These are really very helpful
    apps for business. I have "Evernote" app in my iphone. This is very
    helful app and easy to access.