Reasons to know why we can't live without Google Android

Android is the Linux based Operating System made mainly for touch screen mobiles such as Tablets, and Smartphones. Developed initially by Android Inc., the company Google backed it later and bought in the year 2005.

It is an open source code that allows software to be freely distributed among the manufacturers of the device, and other developers. By the end of 2012, there were around 700,000 apps available in the market that can be downloaded from Google Play.

Special things about Android:

1. The declarative UI Framework makes the developers and the manufactures of the handset to develop new applications for the user interface.

2. Every application in Android can use and produce the content. Each application on Android is Web 2.0 citizen.

3. Android allows the manufacturers of the handset to modify the source without forced to share back any sort of information which is completely different to GPL v2 and GPL v3.

4. Google Android is a departure from the Java ME development model and is also away from the Linux development.

5. Android developers can also use Java SE API’s while on the other hand Google Company does not have to pay any loyalty to the SUN for the TCK certification as they do not claim it a Java environment. This is a slap in the face of SUN.

Android apps used in the daily life:

Here are some of the apps that are used in our day to day life to make our life easier and more comfortable:

1. Hangouts: It brings conversation more realistic with pics, emoticons and even video calling for free.

2. Google Search: With this app we can find what we need quickly and easily in our phone or tablet.

3. Google Maps: With this app we will never go lost in any of the new place or location. We can track ourselves or any of the well known location using it.

4. Google wallet: Is carrying wallet a hectic for you? No worry anymore. Google Android now presents you with the Google Wallet where you don’t need to carry a wallet and any transaction can be done through the phone system itself.

5. Google Play Books, Music, Movies: Read the books you are fond of. Play the music anywhere anytime. Watch movies and other TV shows anywhere and instantly through one or two clicks.

6. Google Drive: One of the most popular app used today the Google Drive is a place where we can create, store and can share the stuff that are available on our mobile device.

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