How lock and password reset features work in Android device

Up until now, the ability to lock and reset password on your coveted Android devices like Smartphone, tablets etc was quite a headache especially if you somehow forget the set password. However, Google has currently updated the Lock and password reset feature to Android device manager. Security pattern set by pin or password are a brilliant feature of Smartphones that allow safe keep of your device from snooping eyes and inquisitive neighbors. However, if by chance you happen to forget your password or security pattern on your Android device, this feature turns to be quite a roadblock generating inconvenience and annoyance. To get you back up and running with your Android device these are the easy steps to explain how this feature works to remove such annoyance and be more user friendly.

Retrieve through E-mail confirmation

Firstly, if your device is a registered Android device then the easy way to open up your device is to try out combinations of passwords for five times. After which you will see an option for “Forgot Password” that is there at bottom right side of the screen. Click the option and it will ask you to write your Google email ID and password. You need to use the ID that you had used initially to register or activate your Android device. Once the authentication is done, the next screen prompts you to enter a new set of pin or password. With this you are done. The new security pin or password will get effective thereon and you are back to your safe zone of operations.

Through Apps

Lock and reset password apps available in Google play allows you to securely reset your pin or password from anywhere in the world on your Android device. For example, the Screen lock bypass app allows users to unlock the lock patterns, passwords, or pin of the Android devices using your Google account. For this you need to login into the Android Market on your PC or and install the app and transfer it to your device using the USB cable. Now the app works well to remove or reset your password pattern that is a temporary lock to your device. The applications find a way around the locked screen all the time when you reboot your device and thereby it will allow users to take the backup of the data present. Therefore, none of your old data are misplaced and you get to set a new password or pin to protect your device thereon.

There is another app called the Screen lock reset. This app similarly needs to be downloaded through your PC and transferred to the phone by USB. This app offers three options to reset your lock. After downloading the app, your phone gets hung up. To get out of this situation you can either use another phone to call your phone or plug device to charger or reboot your device. Once activated a new screen appears calling for "Active device administrator" You need to select "Activate" and then select "Unlock Screen Lock.” Finally, your phone screen unlocking is successfully accomplished.

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  1. Android has one problem.

    One of my friend had multiple wrong pattern attempts by kids to bring to google account verification. But the data connection was not ON. So the google authentication was not possible. Finally he had to factory reset the device to unlock it. If there had been local verification, he would had not lost all his contacts.

  2. It depends on device, whether you can access Data/Wifi from the power button? This Dashain, I'd the same problem, but I unlocked the phone through Google verification. :)

  3. oh for google verification you must had active data connection
    did you enable it via power buttons??

  4. I activated data connection via power button in my Galaxy S2.