7 Ways to Drastically Improve Your On-Page SEO

On Page, SEO efforts need to be undertaken in order to improve the ranking. Thankfully there is a large number of on page SEO tactics that help improve a particular web page, chances of making it big in the competitive online world.

However, to outdo the traditional on-page SEO tactics, one needs to try some of the advanced ones in order to reap the benefits to its best.

1) Using synonyms of relevant keywords
Have a set of target keywords as a number of variants of the same can be used in the content. It might surprise you but it is true that the search engines are smart enough and recognize synonyms of commonly used words.

The synonyms of such words and phrases can be placed throughout the content. This can be better understood through an example. In Google’s dictionary, terms as improve and increase relate to the term boosting.

In case any user keys in the same, Google will come up with prominent results. If this strategy is implemented with true earnest in the website, the site contents rank higher for relevant long tail keywords.

However, not much of such variants of keywords should be used in a single post. Use the same judiciously and reap the benefits.

2) Linking to high authority sites
As a writer when you decide to pen down your thoughts, the focus should always be on providing the readers as much information as possible. If you find that an external link will do all the good to you, the same should be linked to the site.

Inbound links from high authority sites can always boost the site’s SEO endeavors and link them in the posts will help the search engines understand that the site is trusted.

Remember that linking to high authority sites can help boost the score of your site always.

3) Posting useful stuff to get worthy reactions
It might surprise you but Google is updating its algorithms and this essentially means that it intends to push great content high up in its SERPs. This kind of content is always loved by the end users.

Before posting any kind of stuff on the site, an in-depth analysis of the site needs to be done, so as to see what works exactly for you. You should also check out on what all gets social shares and user engagements for your endeavor.

Remember that what all works for your competitor does not essentially work out for you. However, it does not mean that you should not be taking content ideas from other sites that are of the same niche as yours.

4) Detailed and lengthy content
The length of the content always has a positive impact on Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO). However, this need not be taken otherwise and one should focus on quality while keeping the length of content in mind.

Non-expandable posts should never be expanded as quality often gets compromised in such cases. The best way out is to do quality research on the topic decided and come up with worthy content.

Never increase the word count out of compulsion as the move might fall flat and you might end up loosing worthy readers.

5) Coming up with fresh content
Remember that search engines always love fresh content. This helps give an extra edge to the pages that have been updated regularly. Fresh content also makes your website more relevant and acceptable as your regular readers appreciate your seriousness in coming up with relevant content that is of use to them.

6) Ensuring user satisfaction
User satisfaction is of prime importance as this signifies your trust with the readers. The same comes only if quality content is written. To achieve the same, you need to do quality research on the topic.

The best course of action to pursue is to write on your niche categories as you will be able to come up with your best and this will have a bearing on your writing career in the long run.

7) Connecting with your readers
Give your readers a medium to connect and you will see the change for yourself. Connect with them regularly, reply to their queries and give worthy suggestions. This will have a bearing on your future and the popularity of your blog or website will reach a new high.

Communicate with your readers regularly and be in touch with them regularly. You will notice a drastic improvement in your rankings as your dedicated readers will keep you updated of their interests.

Follow these steps and you will find that, your on-page SEO efforts will bear fruits.

Margaret is a freelance journalist who has been writing about mobile technology, customer relationship management and play euromillions for more than a decade. These days she is busy to contribute to private home tuition Singapore.

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