Websites were Down Everyday

These days, world’s famous websites were  down everyday.

Few days ago The world’s online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, has gone down for few minutes. Also  UK’s Guardian reported Google was hacked few days ago. According to Guardian, Google Corporate site was offered in Chinese language.

Following Wikipedia, A video sharing website Youtube Goes Down another day. Two days ago, world renowned Apple Store Goes down for a while. blogger Today Google’s Blogger was down for  a moment. Not only Blogger,But was also down at the time of Blogger outage. Yet, Google hasn’t said anything about it.

When these sites were down, I’ve seen a numbers of stream of tweets in

I don’t know why, each day world’s famous websites were going down. Is this happening due to Google-China conflict or due to overload or overheat in their server. Really, I’m surprised to hear  this (“this and that site is down”) each day. 

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