Difference between LCD, LED & CRT




a) LCD stands for Liquid Crystal

Display which is a thin, flat display

screen made up of any number of

color or monochrome pixels

arrayed in front of a light source

or reflector.

b) It is often used in electronic

Devices because it uses very small amounts of electric power.

a) LED stands for Light

Emitting Diode which is a semiconductor diode that

emits incoherent narrow-

spectrum light when

electrically biased in the

forward direction of the p-n junction. This effect is a

form of electroluminescence.

b) It can be used as a

regular household light


a) CRT stands for Cathode

Ray Tube which is a tube

coated with phosphorous in

inner surface. When electrons

produced by e-gun come in

contact with phosphorous

wall, light is produced by

virtue of which we can see.

b) It is generally used

in TV scrreens, monitors, etc

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  1. just get this, crt=old cathode ray tube displays, LCD= also obsolete display, LED=new LCD displays with LED backlit only and OLED=pure LED displays