The Himalayan Times Website was Hacked by Anonymous called, DarkExp0ser! [SnapShots]

The Website of popular English Daily  The Himalayan Times was hacked yesterday (26, June 2011) evening by  DarkExp0ser, though the site was already up now.the himalayan times website hacked by DarkExp0serAn anonymous called DarkExp0ser (possibly member of Pakistani Cyber Army and claims that they have hacked the website of Most Read English Daily of Nepal, The Himalayan Times. At site’s homepage hacker says, site was hacked since it was hosted on Indian Server. And hacker also suggests an admin to secure their site.

At THT homepage,dialog box appears saying “Hacked by DarkExp0ser! I’m terrible sorry but it’s your own fault. SECURE YOUR SERVER! ~DarkExp0ser~” . Hackers have left their message with background music on THT Homepage. tht hackedHacker message reads like this:

This site has been hacked by DarkExp0ser!
Admin, you should secure your server, cause your security sucks!
Fix that problem, or maybe another hacker will come and destroy your whole Server.
You got owned by DarkExp0ser!
Credits go to the whole Team, and to the whole Team.
Thanks for everything bros, you are the best.                                                                                               

Reason: I don't like Indian server and Lulzsec has gone today :O This is for you lulzsec we are with you :)!

Knowledge is free.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive injustice.
We do not forget freedom.
United as one.
Divided by zero.
Expext us!

hacker msg

We don’t know whether THT lost their data or not. But site was under hacker for some hours. Now site is up and running.

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  1. i want in :i think ever thing u speek of is true and the government is not constitutional and is using us, i mmay not be the best hacker but i like wat u stand for and u could teach me more ,

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