When Wikipedia Went Down

The world’s online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, has gone down twice today. And now Wikipedia is up.  wikipedia

When The world’s online encyclopedia, Wikipedia went down. I’ve seen a big stream of tweets in twitter for the first time. Everyone is saying, “oh ! no Wikipedia is down” .

Some tweeted funny and some tweeted serious tweets.  I’ve never seen such a stream of tweets beside some special events. But  today I’ve feel the real power of Twitter more clearly.

wikipedia down

There are thousands of tweets among them I’m posting some tweets here:

HishamAbiAmmar: RT @igbele: (h)Wikipedia's server is down right now! What is every student writing a paper in America gonna do now?

Seraphina_L: Haha. RT @MisterShovel: Wikipedia server is down globally. Don't ask me any questions today or I will appear very stupid.

pystyrivi: I can't write my German essay because Wikipedia is down. This is where my research and sources have gone down to.

fakecomedian Sorry everyone. We just got sick of having to correct your pranks, lies and malformed facts. #Wikipedia

ericvinyl: RT @Scav382: Does anybody else feel stupider since Wikipedia isdown? It's like the part of my brain that stores the name of every Pokemon had a stroke.

tc1415 Only just noticed #wikipedia is down.... so surprised thought WiFi had given up :/

biancafortis RT @serdarsirin Dear god.....#wikipedia is DOWN! WHERE WILL WE GO FOR ANSWERS?!?!?!?!?!?! // There's always the rest of the internet?

lost_october: I never realized how much I use Wikipedia before it went down. I must have tried to absently look up half a dozen things in the last hour.

webseolive: so wikipedia is down due to overheat & a broken dns, what are your favourite alternatives?

raygeezy1371: So it's true . . . . Wikipedia is down!!! I'm glad I don't need to research anything right now!!!

Jackthewelshman: We are all going to die, Wikipedia is down!!!! ....temporarily. Don't worry, their servers overheated, they are fixing it now. #wikipedia

How could we survive if Wikipedia goes Down for longer time ? Thank God ! Wikipedia is up again, Now I’ve to complete my assignments..he he :P

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