How To: Embed Tweets in Blog and Website

Twitter yesterday launched a new tool called Blackbird Pie that allows you to easily embed tweets (HTMLtwittermedia code) into a website or blog post.

Previously, people wanting to quote Tweets had to take a screenshot, crop it, save it, upload and insert it.

Blackbird Pie simply asks you for the URL of a tweet and lets you “Bake it,” meaning you get a preview of how it will look on the Web and a box with the code you need in it. You simply need to copy those HTML codes and have to paste elsewhere you want to publish.

Follow the simple steps to Embed Tweets in your Blog or elsewhere.

  1. Copy the full URL of a tweet (e.g. Remember you have to click on time (eg. 10 seconds ago)
  2. Click on the input text field
  3. Paste the URL
  4. Click on “Bake it”
  5. Click on the text area where the HTML code is created
  6. Select all text (press ctrl+A)
  7. Copy (ctrl+C)

And now, finally, you can paste the code into Blogs, websites.

Working Demo: twitternew

Copy URL (e.g. by clicking at time as shown above (i.e. less than 10 seconds). Then go to Blackbird Pie ( and paste the above url and click bake it.blackbird After baking the url, you will get the Live preview along with HTML code. Simply copy and paste that HTML code and publish elsewhere you like.


Here is the live preview of above tweet.

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Enjoy, Tweeting and Blogging !!!

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