“Woman Claims She Became Pregnant After Watching 3D Porno”

“Woman Claims She Became Pregnant After Watching 3D Porno”, this sensational news is doing the round on the internet worldwide.

Many websites, blogs and newspaper have published an article “Woman Claims She Became Pregnant After Watching 3D Porno” on which stated that an American woman became pregnant while watching a porn movie in 3D.

The "news" in question told a story of a woman who had a son while her husband was on a military base in Iraq for a year. The article showed a picture of white woman with a black child in her lap, as the story showedsensacionalista the husband convinced that what happened was possible. The article “in question” was spread on the Internet as if it were real all over the world. 

A survey showed that at least 200 sites in the world published a news as if it were real. Hundreds of other sites reported the gaffe. A Google search using the words "Woman Claims She Became Pregnant After Watching 3D Porno" in quotes, which reproduces the title in English and take the exact phrase, returns 3560 results. 

Is it Real ?

No, It’s not a real story, we discovered it as a totally fake story. This news was published in one Brazilian website “Sensacionalista” as humor story about a week ago. But it was spread over the internet as real story. It was just a humor story produced by a Brazilian Publication. Story was made in such a way, that people believed in that story.

In the story, Women said, “a month after watching the movie, I started feeling dizzy and the results were positive.” Also her army husband (who has returned from Iraq war)  was convinced, “I see it as suspicious. The films in 3D are very real. With today’s technology, anything is possible,” he said.SensacionalistaDon’t know, how people believe in such news. Don’t they know, its a biological process to have babies and 3D is a virtual movie. How could that Woman has child, by just watching a porn movie in 3D. Ha ha ha.

May be, people don’t know much about 3D technology. People recently have seen movie ‘Avatar’ in 3D which seems so real, and one can feel the character of movie as it was real. So, people might have believed on such story “Woman Claims She Became Pregnant After Watching 3D Porno”.

Anyway, People were fooled by Brazilian Humor website “Sensacionalista”. :P Now, don't fooled yourself in such rumors. No one can give birth to baby by just watching a porn movie in 3D.

Update: Though story was fake and picture was based on Modeling But Picture has been removed, as some reported in email to remove this picture.

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  1. This picture is not removed and still continues to float around the web. It's not that people believe it could happen. It's that people believe that a person could be stupid enough to make their husband believe something so stupid!!!