Aakar Tech Blog Launched Mobile Version

We have launched our “Aakar Tech Blog” mobile version, which is specifically designed for mobile and iPhone.

“Aakar Tech Mobile Version” load faster than the original blog in Mobile. Mobile version is powered by “mofuse”.Aakar Tech MobileIn the homepage user will see 10 latest “Top Stories” of blog. And whenever user click on that top stories, they can view the particular page.User can share that post in twitter also but user cannot comment on that post. They can go to original page from that post as well. For each post,original post link will be given.

Hope you will enjoy our Mobile Version. Mobile version can be accessed at http://mtech.aakarpost.com/ . Simply point your mobile browser to http://mtech.aakarpost.com/ to read mobile version of Aakar Tech Blog. Mean while tech parent site, Aakar Post has also launched its mobile version. Aakar Post can be accessed at http://m.aakarpost.com .

Aakar Tech Blog: http://mtech.aakarpost.com/

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