Google says “Bye Bye Windows”

Google dumps Windows over security concerns, and is moving towards Linux and Mac operating system. Google is discontinuing the internal use of the Windows operating system from Microsoft, for safety precautions after an incident with hackers, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday.Google says “Bye Bye Windows”

The newspaper said the decision to migrate to another operating system, including Apple's Mac OS or Linux, began to be mooted in January after Google's operations in China were attacked by hackers.

The Internet security company McAfee said at the time that an attack on Google and other businesses exploiting an unknown vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser that was vulnerable in all recent versions of Windows.

According to newspaper, a Google employee said "we are no longer using windows. It is a security effort." Another official said: "Getting a new Windows machine now requires a permit from the CIO (chief information officer)."

Google said in a statement: "We're always working to improve efficiency in our business, but do not comment on our operational issues."

Google, which already offers email, web and other software products that compete with those offered by Microsoft, is developing its own operating system “Android & Chrome”, which will be focused initially on netbooks, and low-cost PCs. Microsoft being one of Google’s primary competitors, many believe that Chrome OS, expected to be released later this year. And this is going to be Google’s direct attack on Microsoft to kill Windows .

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