Prediction of 'Psychic' Octopus Paul is Coincidence

A ‘psychic’ Octopus Paul from Germany is doing the round on the internet. A "psychic" octopus in Germany, which appears to have correctly predicted every World Cup game has already became a celebrity.

The two-year-old cephalopod Paul, from the Sea Life Aquarium in the western city of Oberhausen has become a national celebrity. Everyone is talking about Octopus Paul. And people are believing, Paul so called prediction of games.

Paul correctly predicted all eight previous World Cup games - including a shock defeat to German by Serbia in the group stages. Last time, he predicted that Spain will beat German, which became true.  This time, Paul has predicted about final game, where he again picked Spain as the winner.

Can Paul Predict about these things ?

Paul prediction is nothing but just a coincidence. Anyone can predict, which team is going to win. But its a awesome coincidence that, his every predictions are becoming true. And moreover people are believing Octopus as if he has super natural power. But its noting like that, Paul is just an Octopus which lives in the Sea Life Aquarium in the western city of Oberhausen Germany. And he don’t know nothing about these prediction and all. People are just making rumors about it, saying Octopus has psychic power to predict about games.

Here are some pictures of Paul and his prediction.

serbia vs germanSerbia vs. Germanyargentina vs german Argentina vs Germanygermany vs spain Germany vs. Spainnetharland vs spainNetherlands vs Spain 

In the above picture one thing is similar. Did you notice that similarity ???

Yes, of course, there is one similarity in each picture. Each Picture were taken from same side, and more interestingly Paul has chosen those box which are on right side. You must know, Paul has no supernatural power to predict about games. Its just a trick of his owner to place those boxes in right side.

He chooses Right Box, why ?

May be whenever he goes near to box, he sees food in right box at first site, thus goes to right box.If you change the box to left position, then I’m pretty much sure that he will choose another team. :P  We are believing as if it is his prediction. But yes, it is a coincidence, that every time his prediction are becoming true. Other rumors about Paul Octopus are fake. Anyone can make prediction.

But I’m wondering how could he chose Germany as winner in Germany vs. England game. Though German flag was placed in left box, oh ! yes that was just another coincidence. But majority of photo says, he will choose right box.

england vs germany Germany vs. England

Winner is decided by a game, not by the prediction.

*All Images were taken from Twitter.

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