RockMelt : Overloaded with Facebook

RockMelt is just a Google Chrome browser with some extra features and is overloaded with Facebook.

First impression was fine for me, as I’m a Google Chrome user. But after going deep inside the RockMelt, I was disappointed by the new browser which dubs itself as “Your Browser. Re-Imagined”.  I was disappointed because it is overloaded with Facebook, though it has a better Google search result preview.rockmelt logo

Yes, of course RockMelt is full of social media plugins, you can access your Facebook and Twitter right from the edges of the Browser. It can be said that, RockMelt is a semi-independent desktop browser for Facebook. It seems like, developers and designers of RockMelt has only think about Facebook, while designing this browser.

There is nothing interesting as compared to Google Chrome. You have to agree that, RockMelt is just an another Google Chrome Browser with some social media plugins and with some added extra features like better Google search preview. RockMelt is a web browser for those who use to surf internet for few hours but it is not suitable for others who live in this internet. Definitely, it is not for the developer and designer, or any other people who have to work on computer 24x7. Surely, it will distract you from your work.

connecting RockMelt

I don’t like the way, that RockMelt start. While starting browser, it will first connect o Facebook. Yes, it sucks sometime, when you have to do some important task. And more over, it sucks, when you are not a Facebook user or you don’t want to visit Facebook every time. It will distract your mind from the work.

Even if you are login to your browser through Facebook, but you have to login again on Facebook to use Facebook. Yes, you can update your status on Facebook and can tweet on Twitter from the Browser, and even you can see your friends who are online on Facebook. You need not have to  be Online to see your Online Friends. Though It has some cool features and social media plugins I was disappointed just because it is overloaded with Facebook.

If you are facebook addict and if you only surf Facebook in an Internet, then RockMelt will be best options for you otherwise, I will recommend you to use Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc instead of RockMelt.

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