Nepal Featured on Google’s Doodle

Hey ! Did you check Google home page today ?

Google has a new Holiday Doodle in it’s home page and for the first time it has featured "Nepal" in it’s doodle. Google’s officially celebrating the holidays with the launch of its latest Google Doodle, an interactive holiday card that features 17 holiday scenes from around the world.

google doodle featured nepal

In the past, holiday doodles have used gift bows and snowmen to celebrate the season. It’s been a creative year for Google Doodles. This year marked the  the first video Doodle celebrated what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday, and a playable version of Pacman marked the game’s 30th anniversary. According to WSJ this Google Holiday Doodle will remain on the site for 2½ days.

It’s great to  be featured on Google’s Doodle. In Doodle there are 3 women who seems to be singing and behind them there’s Swayambhu. Many many thanks to Google !!!


  1. And now we have a Republic Day 2072 Doodle at

  2. For the First Time?? NO.