How to Raise Smart Capital for Your Startup? [Join ReConnect LIVE Webcast on March 12]

"Are you an entrepreneur? Need to learn how to bootstrap? Looking to raise capital for your business?" If your answer is "Yes", then you should join the online Rec@nnect TechConnect live broadcast happening on Wednesday 12th March, 2014.

A new series of Rec@nnect's TechConnect is happening on Wednesday, 12th March at 7:00AM EST (4:45 PM Nepal Time) on "Raising Capital for Your Venture".  TechConnect will be live on Department of State website streamed directly from the U.S. Department of State, Washington D.C.

Anand Daniel from Accel Partners India, Faysal Sohail from Altair Group, Karl Mehta from Menlo Ventures,  and Shaukat Shamim from Buysight, Inc. will be speaking on "smart capital" and will be sharing a tip on how to attract smart capital for your venture and how to pitch to investors. Ovidiu Bujorean, Senior Manager, CRDF Global will be moderating the event.
To Learn the techniques to raise capital for your startup. Register for the live Rec@nnect TechConnect from here:
P.S. TechConnect is an interactive video conference that brings great entrepreneurial minds together to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. Rec@nnect identifies the next generation of technology entrepreneurs in South and Central Asia. Rec@nnect supports them through entrepreneurship capacity building activities that provide: skill development, networking, exposure, capital.

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