Free software

The only divine thing that has touched the world in recent decades is "Free software". Imagine a world in which . . . .

-You have complete freedom to choose your path.
-We have boundless opportunities to seek for knowledge and learn from it.
-People are helped and help the other in the same way.
-People work together towards a single goal to improve a world .Hand in hand, bit by bit when millions of people contribute their ideas, there is birth of omnipotence power for helping humanity.

The thought of free software is all alike these fundamental freedoms.

Free software are not priceless software, they [can] be sold but along with your 4 freedoms restored. In this process the Free Software Foundation (FSF) is also benefited to some extent. We must remember after all FSF is the basis for freedom development in software. Other good thing is that in free software, users don't have to pay the distribution fee in order to use the software.They can copy the program from a friend who has a copy, or with the help of a friend who has network access. Or several users can join together, split the price of one copy, then each in turn can install the software. Also CD-ROM price is not a major obstacle when the software is free.

With free software, you can grow your knowledge. You know everything that is going inside your program. You can have complete options as per your need.You have access to source . You can choose things , you can add something you want or something other people want.

Distribute your version freely as long as you comply with rules of other people's freedom of software. Copyleft is a license that ensures every person's freedom of software.

Never in the world had we worked like this. Never in the world was knowledge free. We are right, we are strong, we represent the whole world. Thanks to people of earth igniting Free Software since 1985!
Let all people in the world cheer.

- Pranav Nandan

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