How To Create 3-D Photos?

If you are interested in three-dimensional world of photography and you wish to create your 3-D Photos, I recommend Start3D.

This website lets you create photo album where each consists of two images captured with a horizontal displacement of a few centimeters. You can test it with your webcam, photographing the room where you work and moving it a bit horizontally to make a second photo.Start3D You can navigate a little in public photo galleries, although I recommend the experience to try it personally, registration is free and can be experienced in minutes.

Taking 3D Photographs

Getting started in 3D photography is easy. Just take two side-by-side photographs approximately eye distance apart with your normal camera. It's very important not to move the camera too much in between the two shots - for best results, you move only about an inch per four feet of distance to the subject (2cm per meter of distance to the subject). Make sure both of your photographs are in focus and well lit. You should end up with two .JPG files. If necessary, rotate them to be the right way up.

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