Face Of The Future : How Old Is Your Face?

Not only know how old you would look, but also test for how you would look with a look Asian, Caucasian, African American or even if you're drunk.

You might be interested to know about yFace of the Futureour future. Face of The Future will process your photo, so you can know how you look like in your old age. Imagine, this technology world nothing is impossible. You can feel your face of the future. Just for fun because, as you can imagine, the accuracy of these tools has greatly improved but far from perfect and visually clear as to make a significant criticism.

Face of the Future is a replication set by the School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews. It allows you to upload a photo, preferably clear front and then ask you to configure some options that give an index of how well your uploaded photo looks like some parameters defined by them.

The parameters that you set are those of the estimated age of the person, to see if it comes into the classification of child, youth, adult, etc.. and the same sex: male / female. You should also indicate whether the person is African American, Caucasian, etc..

After you've uploaded the photo and the parameters defined, click Submit and you will be automatically redirected to another page will load a Java applet (you must have Java installed) which you can play with adjusting the image settings and see changes in the photography.

Wish to see your future face. Click here.


  1. nice post... keep up the good work..

  2. that's pretty neat but as I am already quite old I dare not look. good post