Opera 10.5 is Out Now: Opera 10.5 Brings New JavaScript Engine

Opera 10.5 released today. ‘Opera 10.5’ for Windows came with a new JavaScript Engine. Opera’s new engine is called as Carakan. This Opera’s new Carakan engine is much faster than Futhark, an important consideration given the increasing demands Web applications put on the Web-based programming language.Opera

With the use of New Javascript engine Carakan, Opera claims itself as 'The fastest Browser On Earth'.

On a dual-core Windows XP, machine showed Google's V8 JavaScript engine still ahead of the Opera 10.5 beta, but Opera won out in several other testers. Other rivals in JavaScript are Safari's Nitro, nee Squirrel Extreme, and Firefox's new JaegerMonkey, which combines Nitro with its earlier TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine.

Internet Explorer long the slowest of the five browsers at JavaScript, but Microsoft has pledged to improve scripting speed in Internet Explorer 9. But still unable to discover any amusing code names for its work.

JavaScript is just one attribute of a browser, of course. Other performance characteristics are how fast a browser can arrange all the elements of a Web page and handle the increasingly important CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) technology used in page design. Also new in Opera 10.5 is a graphics system called Vega that also should improve performance, Opera said.

And of course there are features. One important one is HTML5 video. Opera supports the Ogg Theora technology favored by Mozilla in Firefox but not by Apple in Safari; Chrome supports both Ogg Theora and the format Apple prefers, H.264.

Download: Opera 10.5

News Source: news.cnet.com

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