Fraudsters Exploit Loophole in PDF Files : Installing Virus

If you use and share presentations in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat), so stay tuned. Less than a week after experts warned of a security breach in the format, which could be exploited to install malicious programs virus-flashdisk("viruses"), a network of zombie computers controlled by criminals who operate on the Internet began to exploit the vulnerability to scams , the web site of PC Magazine.

According to security company Websense, the botnet known as Zeus is spreading a PDF infected with malicious code. When opening the PDF adulterated, the user is induced to save the file Royal_Mail_Delivery_Notice.pdf. This is an executable file (. Exe) that goes into action to control the computer.

Adobe has not published the fix for the security breach and recommends that users change the settings to disable the function at risk (launch). The user must watch as Acrobat alert when inserted into an executable file is activated.

To enhance protection, go to Preferences and uncheck the option to open attached files (not PDF format) with other programs (external applications).

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