NTC Sucks at Meantime

Nepal Telecommunications Corporation (NTC) Networks sucks at every important occasion.

The mobile service of the Nepal Telecom (NT) was disrupted,  when Nepali are seeing busy on celebrating New Year 2067. It’s not the first time, that service was disrupted, but everyday we are facing problem with NTCmobile service of the Nepal Telecom.

When you dialed the number, you got message like, ‘Error in Connection’, ‘Out of Reach’, ‘Congestion on route’ etc. If your dialed call reaches at once to your destiny, then I must say you are the lucky one.

Its painful when, you are unable to contact your dear one on important occasion. We celebrated Mothers Day and New Year on 1st of Baishakha this year, but we are unable to communicate properly. I’ve tried to call my mom since from 6 o’clock in the morning that day, but I was unable to talk with her until 1 o’clock.

Not only that, I was unable to wish ‘New Year 2067’  to my friends and relatives. I’ve tried to text and call both, but network was jammed whole day on both New Year Eve & New Year Day. SMS was not being delivered. Yes, that was really Pathetic, when NTC sucks at the meantime.Yes, I do have some personal bitter experiences how, NTC’s network has ruined my dream, my life... :P . I must say, because of NTC Network, I’ve suffered a lot.

Though NTC Mobile phone service sucks but still we are using their services. According to NTC annual report, NT has distributed 570,000 landlines and 3.558 million mobile phones till the end of December/January in the fiscal year (2008/09). It plans to distribute 2.20 million mobile connections, 450,000 CDMA line, 56,000 PSTN and 29,000 ADSL connections this year. And fact that, Nepal Telecom learned a net profit of Rs 10.18 billion in fiscal year 2008/09.

It’s better to improve their service quality than, their service quantity.  Hey, NTC please improve your Network !!!

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  1. Get Ncell. Period. I don't know why all of the people are so obsessed with Nepal Telecom.

    Yeah, Ncell does not picks up at highways but how many days do you go to a highway. Ncell works like charm in almost all major places and most inner places of Terai.