Steve Jobs slams Adobe Flash in open letter

In a long letter published today on the Apple website, CEO Steve Jobs announced openly for all the reasons the company has given up using Flash on iPhones, iPods and iPads.

In the words of Mr. Jobs, Apple no longer believes in the potential of the application from Adobe by believing that she is not well suited to operations multitouch - OS4 now present in the iPhone - and does not have satisfactory performance in reliability and security questions.

Insecure, power-hungry, inappropriate for touch devices, never ready, outdated - there's not really anything the Apple chief likes about Flash.

Another factor, already exposed by Jobs himself, is that the use of Flash involves an excessive use of battery, which is crucial to disqualify a good mobile product.

apple-ipad-no-flashIn the letter, Jobs also repeated his call that Apple is not a private firm in its own format, as the spokesman of the company had declared last week after that Adobe has accused her of "keeping an open development environment," preventing the growth of other companies in the sector.

According to the co-founder of Apple, what happens is the reverse, since in his view, the Flash system is a 100% proprietary and closed, with prices set by Adobe itself and otherwise unavailable in market. Jobs hits out at Adobe's claims that Flash is "open" because 75% of video on the web is viewed using it. "Adobe's Flash products are 100% proprietary," he responds.

That, to Jobs, it would be a setback for the development of technologies, as we believe that treatment with the patterns on the web should receive differential treatment, more open. "Although the operating system for iPhone, iPod and ipad owned, we strongly believe that all standards pertaining to web should be open," he wrote. "Instead of using Flash, Apple adopted the HTML5, CSS and JavaScript - all open standards."

At the end of the statement, the head of Apple has subtly led Adobe, saying that Flash is anachronistic for the sector of mobile platforms. "Flash was created during the era of PC and PC, but the era of mobile devices is that they spend little energy, with touch-sensitive interfaces and open standards of the web - all areas where flash is lower," he said.

Last week, Adobe said to have withdrawn from time to adapt Flash for Apple's products, which will focus on applying only to devices that have the Android operating system.

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