Apple MacBook 7.1 Leaked [Video]

The Vietnamese site forums, Tinh Té, revealed  a video which shows,  what would be an  Apple MacBook 7.1 which was not  released yet.MacBook

According to the specifications described in the video posted on YouTube, the notebook has a processor 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo (which would be an upgrade over the current 2.26 GHz) and a video card Nvidia GeForce 320M (updated Nvidia 9400).

One clue that can deal with a gadget ready for the market is that the updates of the chip are the same occurred with the 13-inch MacBook Pro last month.

This gadget would be the second non-Apple-authorized to give the guys in Vietnam in just one week. A few days ago, the prototype of what the iPhone 4G was found and dissected by a team site in the country.

Check Out Video: Dissecting of Apple MacBook 

MackBook Prototype

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