Apple Sold One million iPads in 28 days

Whether you love it or hate it, the iPad is a hit and claimed to be sold One million iPads in 28 days.

Apple Inc. said Monday that it has sold 1 million of its new iPad tablet computers in the month after its launch.

"One million iPads in 28 days — that's less than half of the 74 days it took to achieve this milestone with iPhone," said CEO Steve Jobs. Demand keeps exceeding supply for the tablet, he added.

The latest iPad sales numbers account only for U.S. customers; the iPad won't make its international debut until later this month.

iPad apps are selling at a blistering pace as well, Apple claims: more than 13 million iPad apps and 1.5 million iBooks downloaded. About 5,000 iPad apps are now available in the App Store, according to Apple's statement Monday.

Its good that they have sold one million iPads in 28 days. But iPad lacks multitasking, it  doesn't support flash too. iPads also lacks USB Port, Camera, A-GPS etc. Apple hasn’t include an expandable memory slot on its devices.Its pretty embarrassing that, why people are so much interested in this non-multitasking  iPads. It’s better to buy net-book. :P

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