How To: Show Current Music Track in Google Talk Status

You may wish to show your current music track in your Google talk status. But You don’t have any idea, not togoogle_talk worry. Here’s the simple idea to show current music track in gtalk status. You have to follow the following  steps.

Show Current Music Track in Google Talk Status

  1. Open Windows Media Player.
  2. In the toolbar go to Tools > Plug-ins > Options
  3. In the Plug-ins tab, select Background among the categories listed.
  4. Check the box for Google Talk Music Plugin
  5. Click OK.
  6. Then click the ‘Show current music track’ status in your Gtalk.

wmplayerBut some time, your gtalk don't shows your current music track. Though you have selected Show Currentgoogletalk Music Track in Gtalk. In this case, you must check your ‘Google Talk Music Plugin’ in your Windows Media Player. But what if, you don’t find ‘Google Talk Music Plugin’  in Windows Media Player. Well, don’t worry, Simply follow the following steps:

Cannot find "Google Talk Music Plugin" in  windows media player:

1. Uninstall Current Google Talk Client
2. Exit the Windows Media Player
3. Download most recent version of Google Talk from
4. Then you have to install the Newer Version of Google Talk. But wait, Don’t double click on the installer. You need to do is Right Click on the Installer and Choose "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR".  Remember, you have to right click on the installer and have to choose "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR".   After installing you may need to follow the above steps.

Then, you will be able to show your current music track in your status. Enjoy !!!

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