Facebook Launches Another Mobile site

Facebook is launching another mobile site 0.facebook.com.

0.facebook.com is a new mobile site that includes all of the key features of Facebook but is optimized for speed. It initially is available through more than 50 mobile operators in 45 countries and territories with zero data charges. Facebook claims 0.facebook.com is faster than mobile site m.facebook.com.

In a blog post, Facebook says  “Yet when using the mobile internet, people around the world face two main challenges—sometimes the experience is too slow to be fun and the cost of data plans and understanding them can be daunting. We have designed 0.facebook.com to help solve these two barriers and we hope that even more people will discover the mobile Internet with Facebook as a result.”

0.facebook.com is fast and free but it is only available on the networks of certain mobile operators. People can still access Facebook from its standard mobile site m.facebook.com or  mobile site for touch screen mobile devices, touch.facebook.com, under operator's standard data charges.

Facebook is launching 0.facebook.com in partnership with more than 50 mobile operators around the world, listed below.networks.

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