Google is Changing

The search engine Google is changing their look and providing more opportunities to search for users. The news starts with the company logo, more streamlined, and extend to new options to find almost everything you want on the site.

The change is the result of the update algorithm of the company, which had more than 550 improvements over 2009. The idea is nothing new to offer different ways to perform a search in one place. This was to be a bar on the left side of the screen that will offer other options to find something related to the search. In the option "All", the user will have access to everything that is found on the Internet. The same word can be searched by clicking on the option files, videos, books, news, blogs, updates, maps and discussions, which will be presented on the same page.

The image search brings presents an even greater refinement.  You can also apply in the case of looking for images of a personality, that the photos are related only to the person's face.

The user can request that Google presents news related to what he/she seeks. They can be filtered by most recent or by day, week and month. The algorithm will still show what's happening in real time, including on Twitter, as is already happening today. A chart shows the number of searches on the topic occurred in the last hours.

At the foot of the sidebar will be a section called "Something different" or "something different" in literal translation. It will show different search options related to the same subject that the user seeks.

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