Chat Client For Facebook Chat: “Chit Chat For Facebook”

Do you want to chat with Facebook Friends right from your desktop, without login every time in your chitchatFacebook  in web? Ofcourse, you might be interested. Then, for this we have a chat client called, ‘Chit Chat For Facebook’.

This morning I’ve got an email from ‘Daniel Offer’ one of the developer  of “Chit Chat For Facebook” .

In an email Daniel Offer wrote, “Chit Chat makes it possible to connect to Facebook Chat through your desktop, and enables you to be logged into Facebook Chat without having to open your web-browser.
Simply put, it's Facebook Chat - but from your desktop, like a traditional IM. In addition, chit chat supports chatlist emoticons, chat history, status alerts and much more!”

After his email, I’ve gone through this application (chat client for Facebook) and I  found this apps  impressive. But there’s an error, it is showing everyone offline. It runs only on windows platform and  is supported in Windows XP, Vista and 7. Sadly, You cannot use this client in Mac,Linux and Mobile.

Chit Chat For Facebook  works just like the old style MSN messenger. The tool works just like your online chat system whilst logged into facebook but better. The Chit Chat program lets you use quick link emoticons and smiley's and comes with an array of cool sounds and features to keep you notified and in touch with your fellow Facebook using Friends.

Download: Chit Chat for Facebook (via

chit chat Chit Chat for Facebook is a free instant messenger that allows you to chat with all your Facebook contacts. Chit Chat connects to Facebook Chat and removes the need to use a web-browser to talk over Facebook Chat.

Chit Chat was founded in August 2009 with the objective of making instant messaging more convenient. Chit Chat for Facebook was created founded in the graduating year of both a Warwick University graduate and a Blekinge Technical University graduate.

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