How To: Get Username For Facebook Fan Page

You must know, that you can set up username for your Facebook Profile as well as for Facebook Fan page.

We have our Fan page username as (Tech.AakarPost) . You might be interested to get  username for your Facebook Profile and Facebook Fan Page.

How To Get Username For Facebook Fan Page / Facebook Profile?

To Get username for your Fan Page, simply Go To: .There you’ll find the option to set username for your Fan Page and Community Page. If you have not set your Facebook Profile username previously, you can set it there. So, that one can easily remember your page url. By the way, username is unique for every page and profile and you can set your username only once. So, think once before setting any username.

Yet another thing, after setting your username for Facebook Profile. Then you can login to your Facebook by your username as well. You don’t need to type long email id for login to your Facebook everytime.

Because of Facebook username it has been easy to go to particular page. For example, if you wish to go to Facebook page itself, then just go to: . If you wish to go to Twitter page on Facebook, just go to: . For Facebook Blog, you can go to:

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