What Nepalese are Searching on Google ? [Pictures]

You might be shocked, when you know what most of the Nepali are searching. I was surprised too.

People continued to bear the brunts of the strike as the Maoist-imposed indefinite general strike boldly logomoved to its sixth consecutive day on Friday. As usual, vehicles have remained off the road, market places are shut, academic institutions are closed.

Vehicles, College everything is closed since from last 6 days. What should I do in my room ? Well, I’m busy in surfing news site, also busy in Facebook, Twitter and Blog. I’m addicted to News, both Nepali Political news and Technology News. Today, I’ve wished to know the view of the world towards Nepal, as Nepal was paralyzed by Maoist Strike. I’ve gone to Google and I began to type Nepal News & Nepali News. When I typed Nepal… I was amazed by the suggestion of Google. Google was giving me unexpected suggestions.

I found those suggestions disguising and quite interesting. Then I’ve tried to know each and every suggestion offered by Google. First of all I’ve tried in our own .np domain. www.google.com.np . I’ve got following suggestions.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

I’ve repeated the same process by going to www.google.com . And there I’ve found following suggestions. And here suggestion were completely different.n 10I’m visiting Nepali Voices frequently, So Google suggest me nepalivoices in 1st place, with a option ‘Remove’. 11  Untitled 13 I guess those suggestions are based on the Nepalese Search keywords. “Sex” is the top most suggestion of Google, when I’ve tried to search about Nepal. But its really disgusting to get those type of suggestions by Google. And of course Google is showing our Nepali Trends, How we are utilizing the Web. I don’t think, we are doing good practice in the internet. Those some suggestions are of abusive types.

And one more thing don’t try to search Nepali Actress name in Google. I’ve become much curios about those above suggestions, So I’ve tried to search Nepali Famous and Super hit Actress ‘Rekha Thapa’ on Google. I wish to know, what possible suggestions will be provided by Google. Below is the snap shot, and I found it really disgusting.rekhaWhat do you think of this ? How Nepali are using web ? Are we in the right way ? We should think about this and we should utilize web in proper way. Web is not all about ‘Sex’ and ‘Porn’.

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