LinkedIn Enhances sync with Twitter

A network for professional contacts LinkedIn has launched a new version of their page in order to facilitate the synchronization of its users with accounts on Twitter. linked-in

In a blog post LinkedIn wrote, “In November 2009, LinkedIn launched our first Twitter integration features.  Since then, over one million LinkedIn members have taken the opportunity to add their Twitter accounts to their LinkedIn profile. And now starting today, we’ll be rolling out a significant improvement to our Tweets application that allows LinkedIn members to easily find and keep track of their LinkedIn connections on both LinkedIn and Twitter.”

To  accessed this feature, you need to sync from your account at LinkedIn to Twitter.

For this, Go to LinkedIn More> Application Directory> Tweets.

Once installed, the tab "Overview" begins to show updates of your contacts in the microblog. It also allows automatically and give unfollows able free.linkedinThe application also allows you to add a box and follow the updates of your contacts on LinkedIn microblog. Another case is indications of professional contacts that can be followed in the microblog.

With nearly 70 million spread around the world, LinkedIn hopes to integrate with Twitter can boost the growth of the site. Soon, LinkedIn must allow integration with Facebook.

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