Privacy will be simpler - Mark Zuckerberg

Social network Facebook will modify its privacy controls which will make more easier and safer to use, said its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, in a letter published on Monday  by The Washington Post.

Zuckerberg said that his team is "working hard" and , "to use simplified" into operation "in the coming weeks."

Considered the number one social network in the world, Facebook has around 400 million users. Last month, facebook has made some changes to their site and privacy settings.After that, Many Internet users have decided to boycott the site and the subject has gained the cover of Time magazine.

"The message we have heard is that most people want to manage their data more easily. In short, many believe that the controls are very complex. Our intention was to provide detailed controls, but now I see that in the mistaken" indicates in the letter.

Among the new controls are provided for improving data privacy that the user wants to display the entire community.

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