Adobe Launched PDF Reader App For Android phones

Adobe has released a version of its PDF Reader software for Android few days ago.

The software, which went up in the Android Market place Friday, lets users quickly open up PDFs they download from a browser, or that they've received in e-mail attachments. It packs multi touch gestures for zooming, landscape orientation, and a tool that will resize the text on wide documents to fit your phone's narrow screen.PageView

The app weighs in at 4.3MB, which is a bit heavy for a PDF reader. By comparison, the free version of QuickOffice's PDF reader that comes pre-installed on the Nexus One is just 36KB. Adobe's app also requires Android 2.1 or higher, which means users without a Droid, Nexus One, Eris, or the other handful of 2.1 devices will be left in the dust.


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