Nepali Tech Site ‘Technott’ is Back

Nepali Tech site called is back on form which was hacked since yesterday.technott logo

I was one of the regular visitor of tech site Technott. Yesterday Morning, I’ve seen a message saying  ‘ is hacked’. And it was claimed that, ‘site was hacked by hack_nepal’. I’ve asked one of the author of that site about this hacking, and he confirmed yes, it was hacked.

Technott is a blog founded by a creative team of Young Students from Nepal on March 2010 . Technott basically writes on Free software, Web tips, Gadgets, Social Media and Tech news. Within few months of its establishment, Technott has been quoted on different websites and blogs.

They have confirmed that, ‘they were being hacked’. In a message they said, ‘We confirmed that we are being hacked, and website is restoring soon. So please keep visiting we Hate Hackers’. Anyway best of luck to Technott.

Now, they are restoring their site. Here’s the some snapshot of site after hacking.

hacked hacked1 hacked2 technott technottdotcomFinally, they have restored their site back. :) (Above is from Google cached, and below one is the original  after restoration of technott)technott site

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