Spam Automated Comments with Apps link on Facebook

Spam automated comments with apps link is doing the round on facebook. no_spam

Though those apps links were seem to be disabled by facebook, but still automated comments are doing the round on facebook.  Don’t be angry with your friends because of their comments. Your friends are not posting those comments. But instead spam facebook apps are doing these things.

Whenever you get the comment with suspicious link, just don’t click on that link, because if you click that application and allow the access, it will post comments to your friends status by your name. Your friend might become angry because of such comments.

spam spam1

Some of the spam automated comments are like this:

This might be interesting

Hey, check this out

Can you people tell how is this happening?

This is really amazing.

This might be interesting

Have a look at this

I know you love this

You might like this too

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