Wordpress.com Goes Down

Wordpress.com which hosts millions of blogs goes down currently.

In twitter wordpress says, ‘We are working on restoring WordPress.com as quickly as possible". Its still unknown, why wordpress.com blogs were down but in a twitter wordpress mention, “We've isolated the issue on WordPress.com, and we are working on a fix.”

Not only are blogs hosted on WordPress.com down, but WordPress VIP blogs are out of commission as well. Millions of blogs, including ones like GigaOm, are down for the count. WordPress.com also experienced extended downtime back in February.

Wordpress is saying, “ Wordpress.com will be back in a minute”.wp2 wordpress tweet


Now Wordpress.com blogs are being up after nearly 1 hour outage. In twitter, wordpress says, “The vast majority of blogs are back up, bringing up the rest over the next few minutes after we verify them”.

img: mashable

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