Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference : Bumper Case will be Given for Free

Apple has hold a press conference to discuss over the iPhone 4 antenna issues on 16th July.

Jobs began the conference by pointing out that every other smartphone sees a noticeable drop in signal strength when held a certain way. He then noted that only 1.7% of iPhone 4s have been returned compared to 6% of 3GS returns during the same 22 day period. Jobs then admitted that the iPhone 4 does drop more calls than the 3GS but the data shows less than 1 more dropped call per 100 calls.

In a press conference Apples CEO Steve Jobs said, every smart phone has weak spots. He has dissected Blackberry and Samsung smart phones and compared with iPhone 4.  And to solve the signal strength problem of iPhone 4, he said Apple is giving bumper case absolutely free for everyone.  php9LOfnasmrt-phone  phpwuTbVFapple-happy

Here’s the summary of Press Conference:

1. Smartphone's have weak spots
2. Apple care data says only 0.55% are having problems worth calling in for
3. ATT return rates for the iPhone 4 are 1/3 that of the 3GS
4. iPhone 4 drops less than one more call per hundred than 3GS

What Apple is Doing ?

1. They released iOS 4.0.1 yesterday
2. The bumper solves the signal strength problem of iPhone 4. So they're giving everyone a bumper case (Everyone gets a free case)                                                                                                                                                3. If you're still unhappy you can bring the iPhone 4 back in 30 days for a full refund

Jobs said, iPhone is the coolest Smartphone ever made. He added, “most of the customers who have iphone 4s think it's the coolest thing they've ever owned and there are some customers who are having problems.. and i apologize to them.”

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