Google acquired Metaweb for Better Search

The Search Giant today announced it has acquired Metaweb, a company that maintains an open database of things in the world so it can be searched and connected in more meaningful ways than nests of links.

In a blog post Google wrote, “The web isn’t merely words—it’s information about things in the real world, and understanding the relationships between real-world entities can help us deliver relevant information more quickly. Today, we’ve acquired Metaweb, a company that maintains an open database of things in the world. Working together we want to improve search and make the web richer and more meaningful for everyone.”

Further Google explains, “Type [barack obama birthday] in the search box and see the answer right at the top of the page. Or search for [events in San Jose] and see a list of specific events and dates. We can offer this kind of experience because we understand facts about real people and real events out in the world. But what about [colleges on the west coast with tuition under $30,000] or [actors over 40 who have won at least one oscar]? These are hard questions, and we've acquired Metaweb because we believe working together we'll be able to provide better answers."

Indeed Google has taken this step to compete with Facebook. Few months ago, Facebook has introduced Open Graph concept to link the web together.metawebAbout this ongoing stuff  PCWorld writes, “In their quest for a more perfect Web, though, it appears the two giants could be heading for a collision course over metadata. The metadata for Facebook's initiative could create a rival structure to what Metaweb has built, argues Kim-Mai Cutter at the Deals & More website”

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