Octopus Paul’s Predictions over Germany vs. Spain is Fake [Fake Picture]

Update: German 'psychic' Octopus Paul predicts victory for Spain

Again Octopus the Paul prediction is doing the round on the internet. Paul prediction over Germany vs. Argentina and Germany vs. Serbia were true. And this time, rumors says   Paul, The Psychic Octopus has predicted Spain will win over Germany.octupus_predicts_spain paulThe latest rumors says, Octopus just predicted few hours ago that Spain will knockout / win a game against Germany in this World Cup 2010. Though the rumors says, Paul predicted that Spain will win a game against Germany, but picture circulated over the internet is fake. And Paul too said, he has not predicated  anything yet about Germany vs. Spain match. He is going to predict tomorrow (6th July).

Whoever has started this rumor has used, previous picture of Germany vs. Serbia prediction where Paul has predicted that Serbia will win over Germany. Now, people have replaced Serbia flag by Spain flag, and is saying Spain will win over Germany, Spain will win semifinals. But This is totally fake prediction and fake picture.

Moreover, In Facebook page  Paul, The Psychic Octopus says “Just a note for all fans: I have not predicted the España-Deutschland match yet. The blogs and photos circulating today are fake...I will make my prediction tomorrow (July 6) when I am fed my delicious mussels. : )”

Paul is going to predict tomorrow about this upcoming game between Germany vs. Spain.


paul not predicted

Image Source: Twitter

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