Twitter Help Center Down : Unable to Update Profile : Sign Up Disabled : Problem in API and Mobile Clients

From last 12 hours,  multiple problems have seen in a micro blogging site Twitter. twitter sink

In a status, Twitter wrote Twitter Help Center Temporarily Down . Further twitter says “In a related issue (that is also being worked on), our help center is currently down; we’re working to bring it back up.”

Also, problems   are being faced  in profile update and oAuth login. Because of oAuth login problem, Twitter has disabled sign up as well.

In a status Twitter wrote, Users Cannot Update Profiles. Twitter further explains as follows:

We’re currently working on remedying the issue blocking users from updating their profiles.

Update (11:20 PST, 18:20 UTC): oAuth tokens are also affected by this; we continue to work to resolve the issue.

Update (12:30 PST, 19:30 UTC): Signups are currently disabled as we recover from this issue.

Update (14:00 PST, 21:00 UTC): API and mobile clients are currently experiencing some issues; we’re working on remedying this issue.

Yes It sucks when Twitter says "Twitter is over capacity". From last 12 hours I’m trying to update my profile, but failed. Twitter says, "Twitter is over capacity". :( Hope Twitter will recover soon.

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