KU IT MEET 2010 : Press Release

Kathmandu University

Kathmandu University (KU), located in Dhulikhel about 28 KM from the capital city. KU is continuously working since its establishment in 1991 with the mission “Quality Education for Leadership”. Apart from providing quality education, it also focuses on developing managerial and entrepreneurship skills in the students. The following event will be part of that vision.


Kathmandu University Computer Club (KUCC) is a non-profit, independent Club organized by students of Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Kathmandu University. Celebrating its twelfth glorious years of success in the field of Information and Communication Technology, KUCC is grandly presenting KU IT MEET 2010.


The event is aimed to promote interaction between students from various colleges of Nepal and between youth from various walks of life. The event will be beneficial for the students/youths in multiple of level. Firstly it will kick start the process of dialogue and interaction among youth that we believe lack in the social system of Nepal. A light will be cast on “Youth” a group neglected by mainstream and pushed into the darkness of solitude. Secondly it will pull students out of the boundary of academic books and lead to a platform where they can express themselves through their words, projects and talents.

The event will also be a chance for students to enhance their communication skills, events managerial skills etc which will be valuable for students/youth in building their career and eventually building better life. We have anticipated gathering 20,000 people among which most of them will be students and general public from Colleges in and around Kathmandu Valley and Kavre District, Youth working in social sector, Media, ICT, Entrepreneurs and other walk of life. The event, however, will be open for all kinds of people.

The event will be conducted on 10th to 12th of September 2010. The event is divided mainly into eleven categories:

1. Project Competition

i. Software Competition/Demonstration

ii. Hardware Competition/Demonstration

2. Business Incubation Workshop

3. Programming Competition

4. IT Quiz

5. Googling

6. Designing

i. Web Designing

ii. Graphics

7. Gaming Competition

8. Reverse Engineering Competition

9. 3D –Movie Show

10. Talk Program on Free Topic(Expressive Program)


The broad objective of the event is participation of Youth in Developmental issues. Besides following is the objective of the event:

  1. To assist in the institutional development of Computer Technology.
  2. To assist and develop the synchronization and standardization in the field of computer training and education.
  3. To exchange knowledge, skill and technology in the field of Computer and information technology with similar types of organizations.
  4. To assist in the utilization, enhancement and promotion of computers and information technology within the country and help to develop strategies to meet the necessary requirements for the development of literacy and skills regarding computer science.
  5. To provide an Interface between Academia and Industries.
  6. Know about Organizational Culture.


Nepal is in transitional phase with many stakeholders coming forward with new vision of Nepal. Therefore it is right time for Nepalese Students to join into the process. Despite being neglected Youth have to prove they are capable of dreaming and building the future. This program will bring together all concerned youth to build a voice of solidarity, forming an alliance to build the future of Nepal.


The event will be conducted in the premises of IT Park, Banepa- Panauti road, Kavre. The participants of the conference will be students from various colleges and general public from various fields. The participants of the various competition and exhibition will also be students from different IT colleges and Universities including Kathmandu University. The management will be carried out by the DoCSE with the active participation of the students Computer Science and Engineering Department.

The event will be conducted with financial support from different sponsors, advertiser and DoCSE, physical and technical help from the students and moral help from the teachers and the staffs of DoCSE. The information about the event will be circulated through posters, media coverage and the students.

To make the event grand success, all the Mass Media (Radio, Television, Print) as well as Web Media (Internet) will be used and publicity using pamphlets and banners will be done extensively. The participation of youth and students is highly expected.

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