Midas CAN SofTech 2010 Inaugurated

Midas CAN SofTech 2010 is inaugurated today at United World Trade Center, Tirpureshwor, Kathmandu by Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.

According to My Republica, In an inaugurating ceremony Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal said, “the PM Madhav Nepal inauguarating Midas SofTech 2010benefits of information technology should be taken to the grassroots level and it should benefit people in the day to day activities” 

Referring to the government´s e-governance project, the PM expressed the hope that they would become successful in overcoming all the difficulties in systematizing all government data. He also assured necessary help from the government for the enhancement of the software industry. After the inauguration, PM Nepal visited all the 58 stalls at the exhibition and listened to the presentation of the exhibitors with keen interest.

Well, I don’t care what PM said about IT & SofTech, because it really doesn’t matter.  Well, politicians and leaders does not understand IT here in Nepal. But they just keep on shouting.  :P

The four-day event has featured 58 stalls of private companies and 8 government pavilions. It is said that, Softech is not the event of hardware where people come and buy products. The main objective of this event is to raise awareness on software and service rather than the sales.

Computer Association of Nepal (CAN) has been organizing SofTech since from 2007. This is the 3rd edition of SofTech and this year they have dubbed themselves as Midas CAN SofTech 2010.

Image Credit: My Republica

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